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Welcome to the official Webstarts Contain-A-Pet Underground Dog Fencing page!

Contain-A-Pet opened for business in October of 1995. It was formed by legitimate dog professionals and electric dog fence merchants who believed electric dog fence completed accurately was a great deal more than just shocking a dog to contain it in its area. It was (and still is) about effective conditioning and caring for a part of our family.

The same exact ideals that started with our company in 1995 continues to thrive today. Contain-A-Pet presents a collection of positive aspects to its family pet owners that no other company provides.

They are:

All brand new Contain-A-Pet Dealers have to be dog professionals or are prepared to become a dog professional to do the job with your family dog. I am sure many of you have owned more than one dog in your life-time. Have they all acted the same? Undoubtedly not! We intend to take care of them as specific individuals, not a one size fits all remedy.

Contain-A-Pet Dealers provide a one year money back containment guarantee in all but the most severe situations. There is not another company that has more results than Contain-A-Pet does in maintaining your pets safe and happy in their yard. Every single dog has a temperament and personality that is distinctive to them. Engaging in the exact same training and conditioning for every one is not the best thing for a pet. We understand all those personalities and temperaments and produce a distinct conditioning program just for them. It’s quick and easy. Plus, it’s guaranteed to contain your pet.

Contain-A-Pet Manufacturing provides a limited lifetime warranty on the electronic part of your equipment. To see the terms and conditions of the manufacturer’s warranty, check out the Warranty Policy on this web site or the nationwide Contain-A-Pet web site. The warranty is developed for the original owners who signs up their merchandise with respect to the terms and conditions.

Contain-A-Pet is produced in the USA. As far as we are aware of, there is mainly one other company that makes there electric dog fence here in the USA. Does that make a difference to you? We sure hope it does. Our profits and margins may be scaled-down because we don’t manufacture in China; but, it is truly worth it to us. Hopefully, you feel the exact same manner. If we keep forcing our products and services off-shore there will be little or nothing left for our children. At the end of the day, we are extremely competitive if not less expensive than our primary competition, Invisible Fence ®, who does manufacture offshore.

Our Contain-A-Pet Dealers will work on any brand fence system you own. We can service your wire damage, re-lay containment areas, present you with less expensive batteries and almost every other service you may need at a price you can afford. Why? We want your business. We want to work with your dogs and we would like you to recommend others to us if you think we deserve it. Many clients do refer us!

What are we planning to do on this webpage? We are going to provide you tips for fencing, helpful dog information including news, behavior and training tips. Our aim is to improve the quality of life for you and your dog. So, even if you don't own a Contain-A-Pet fence system, we think there will be something important you can read here.

If you have a need to contain your pet safely, consult one of our Dealers. There are not any high pressure sales tactics. We want to earn your trust as we feel a genuine dog professional goes much farther than just being an electric dog fence merchant.

Our national Contain-A-Pet number is 1-800-777-3647.

Thank you and welcome to the official Webstarts webpage for Contain-A-Pet Underground Dog Fencing.

Invisible Fence® or Invisible Fencing® are products and registered trademarks of Invisible Fence, Inc. They are not to be confused with Contain-A-Pet products.
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